Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gnome haters

For whatever reason, there's been a slew of Gnome-hating posts on the Forums this week. Almost all look something like this:

Hopefully, it's not lost on anyone that the poster here (and in every other thread like this) is a Blood Elf, the Horde's only "pretty" race, and widely (and rightly) excoriated for being the race of choice for noobs, pre-teens, and other immature folks who have, according to other posters, "ruined the Horde."

So of course they have to deflect attention away from themselves and go after the Gnomes. Silly BElfs.

UPDATE: This guy gets it:

Love the last line, confirming what I already thought:
And what is it with Blood Elves hating on gnomes lately? Are you trying to move up one on the most hated scale? Who in hell cares what some other, highly anonymous player thinks of the class you've chosen? Yuck.

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