Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting it right about content

Legatus on the forums writes this ditty:

I thought they were going in the right direction finally with limited raiding and more content for everyone to experience.

I was wrong. We're heading down the exact the same road the ruined endgame of 60 was and why people left and returned (including me) to see the burning crusade. Probably raid patch after raid patch.

Looks like it's back to their old tricks. More patches for 10% of the WoW population. Everquest reborn =(
I've posted countless topics there begging for more world events. One of the reasons Duskwood is such a compelling zone for lvls 20-30 is because of mobs like Mor'Ladin and Stitches (lvl 35 elites, if I'm not mistaken) wandering around long paths, forcing you to constantly be on your toes while farming the other mobs for quests. I've returned to Duskwood a couple times to level up my mining and have taken great pleasure in being able to save the lowbies from Mor'Ladim as well (and it's fun to watch them try to get in on the action when the tables are turned).

Blizzard's marketing literature promised lots of new content at regular intervals, including small armies of undead or other demonic invasions. Hell, one of the most legendary WoW "events" was actually unintended. A "Blood Plague" from a high-level dungeon was bugged and started affecting players outside the instance. Whole towns of lowbies were wiped out. But instead of QQing about it, the realm denizens loved it! The unique danger thrilled players rather than pissing them off.

Let's face it: most WoW players are casual gamers like me. I'm taking my time getting to level 70 and will probably raid very rarely, if at all, once I do, simply because I don't have the time to do so with the current raiding climate. So, for me, and countless others like me, 1-70 content is king. Maybe Blizzard will someday make good on their marketing promises.