Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A recent photo album

I've been absent for a bit, but since no one actually reads this, I doubt anyone noticed. In any case, I've been doing a lot of questing with Snettles recently, and he's now about a third of the way through lvl 50. In the process I've entered the Un'Goro Crater for the first time (awesome zone, like questing in Jurassic Park, with roving elites to watch out for) and completed a few red quests there before deciding it wasn't worth the time at my level (47 at the time, tough for a mage in a level 50+ zone).

I respecced to Frost out of Fire, but kept most of my arcane talents (gotta love clearcasting). Frost is a very different playstyle, but so far I'm enjoying it, as it requires more movement than Fire and allows you to respond to adds in a variety of different ways.

(In Fire, it was Polymorph them and pray you don't get another one. As another parenthetical aside, I find I'm much more useful to groups as a Frost Mage. I did a bunch of ZF runs in which, though I wasn't the leader, I felt the like the quarterback out there, doing CC and AOE as needed. Best group I had was a Human Priest named Lavander--that's how she spells it, I think, another Frost Mage who kinda annoyed everyone but we kept the peace, a hunter, and a Prot Paladin tanking. Seriously.)

I did enjoy the seat-of-the-pants danger of being a Fire mage--survivability is one of Frost's halmarks--I'll admit it. But having more control over my mobs (not to mention the FPS-style movement requirements) has me hooked.

I also decided to finally enter the Searing Gorge and do some quests there. Bonemender and I teamed up with Blawton (might be "Brawton," I don't remember) and a couple other stragglers to do a few of the more difficult quests. Great zone with a lot of atmosphere and a lot of activity. I also went to the Blasted Lands for the first time, and did a quest up in the Western Plaguelands, which I'd discovered at like level 35 while exploring around the Arathi Highlands.

Tried to quest Hoskold with Moray (and his pet bear, "joebiden") once but his computer was not having it. Here's a photo album of the last couple weeks. Here's a first look at Hoskold and Moray right now:

Moray was experiencing connection problems right then. I like the composition of the shot, though, and it's in Duskwood, my favorite zone. Now here's me waiting for Bonemender in Darnassus. It's hard to tell, but almost everyone in the shot is dancing. Bonemender also joined in the dance party upon his arrival:

Click the pictures to see them full size. I'm especially fond of the chat text in the bottom left. Here's a chance of meeting of Snettles and Naughtiest in the Ironforge Auctionhouse. Again, great emote text. Naughtiest looks disturbingly like Nancy Pelosi:

A taste of Snettles' homeworld. Flying the Gryphon over the mountains of Dun Morogh:

I try to help a bunch of folks battle a dragon in the Blasted Lands. My wand was of no use, but they killed it anway:

Bonemender and myself--mounted up and ready to ride back to Gadgetstan in Tanaris after completing a quest. The Mechanostrider is a humble beast, if I'm being charitable:

And finally, I let the High Tinker have it right on his own perch in Tinkertown, blast his leadership and intelligence and give him a little of the ad hominem, to boot. Dammit, every time I hear him say "I love to tinker" I wanna say, "Tinker? Fuck you, man. How about you learn to love to lead, motherfucker? How about less tinkering and more dealing with the motherfucking problem without killing 80% of our motherfucking race, asshole?" Or something to that effect.

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